At Young Ones, we have two main programs - our treatment program, and our education program. We also do a variety of other workshops such as our Young Ones Inspires Events. If you are interested in helping with any of these programs, please sign up to volunteer.

10 Free Sessions. No catch


Our primary goal is to help youth who are dealing with an addiction or other mental illness receive mental health services.

Our Treatment Program provides youth ten free sessions with a qualified mental care health professional on our Treatment Team.

This program serves youth between the ages of 13-24, who are struggling with addiction or other mental health issues and are in a proven state of financial need. Young Ones offers treatment to youth with a variety of mental health and addiction issues including (but not limited to) mood disorders, personality disorders, drug addiction/abuse, eating disorders and alcohol addiction/abuse.



Young Ones “End the Stigma” education program aims to reduce the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness and addictions by providing presentations and workshops for the public. All presentations and workshops are given by Young Ones volunteers who have lived experience with mental illness and addictions. Using their personal stories, the speakers are able to provide a unique and relevant perspective regarding the issues they and many other youth face during their path to recovery.

Young Ones has spoken in university classes, at hospitals and other social services in Toronto reaching well over 3,500 students, teachers and professionals.

We've Literally Spoken to Thousands.

Coming Soon

Young Ones is in the progress of creating two brand new programs, one for peer to peer mentorship, and the other for "Toronto Anxiety Disorder" or TAD. Stay tuned to our news page for more updates!