Thank you!

If you've come to this page, you've either decided to volunteer, or you're considering it.

Young Ones relies on volunteers like you to deliver programming and keep our organization running. More than a casual volunteer position, you will be given your own responsibility. Not only are you are helping to stop the stigma, but you are ultimately saving lives. 

We have positions available for a variety of schedules and commitment abilities. We have a few gaps that need to be filled in our list of available positions below, but if you believe you could contribute as a volunteer in another way please let us know! Ultimately, we would love to hear your ideas!

Positions Being Sought



Young Ones' blog provides posts on a variety of topics that include, current research and developments that affect persons with mental health issues, stigma and personal opinions or stories.

  • We accept personal submissions by people with mental health issues, and family members of persons who have had a mental health issue and/or a substance use issue.
  • We also accept submissions on mental health related topics from those without lived experience but have a passion for anti-stigma, advocacy and supporting those with mental health/substance use issues.
  • Blog needs to be updated at least once every 2 weeks



Young Ones Education Team speaks to the public about mental health and addictions. Using your own personal story helps spread awareness about stigma, discrimination and also treatment and recovery.

  • You will need to have personal lived experience in mental illness to be considered for this position.


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